Free Kitchen Renovation Cost Estimator

How much money do you need for kitchen renovation? The costs may vary depend on desire and need, but most homeowners spent approximately $12,101 to $19,023. The average cost approximately $17,226 and maximum cost approximately $40,000. The lowest or minimum cost is approximately $200. If you use kitchen renovation cost estimator from then there are five things need a lot of focus.

kitchen renovation cost estimator


Do you need to replace all old appliances? New kitchen appliances have new design and functionality. Replacing old appliances is a good idea if consuming too much energy. Buy new kitchen appliances with Energy Star label to cut the monthly electric bills. If Energy Star appliances already dominate the kitchen, no need to replace them. Get repaired or refinished become the solution, the cost approximately $200 to $300.

sink kitchen renovation cost estimator


These are available in various models, materials and prices. The most popular sinks are made of porcelain, while stainless steel comes in the second place. Be careful when buying a sink, avoid decorative glass sinks since they are not practical and easy get broken or damaged. New sinks installation may cost around $2,200, includes the faucet fixture replacement. The cost will cheaper around $1,300 for the faucet replacement only.

countertop kitchen renovation cost estimator


When using kitchen renovation cost estimator, don’t forget to include the countertops. Many options are available on the market, start from inexpensive to expensive. Before choosing a counter, please pay high attention to the material characteristics. The cost for completely new countertops approximately $3,400 while repairing only takes cost approximately 420 dollars.

cabinet kitchen renovation cost estimator


The most important furniture is the cabinets, made of different materials and finishes. The price for new cabinets may take a half of budget, approximately $5,600. New cabinets not always become solution. Update existing cabinets will save a great deal of money, less than one thousand dollar even cheaper if taken as a DIY project. Include the cabinets into kitchen renovation estimator.

floor kitchen renovation cost estimator


The last element, but optional if the budget isn’t sufficient. The installation for new flooring is approximately 3,000 dollars. Flooring available in many types, choose the one based on desire and need, but don’t forget to pay attention the advantages and disadvantages.

Avoid all problems and unexpected cost by using kitchen renovation cost estimator from so you will know what to do.

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