Free & Instant Granite Countertops Estimator

Have any interest to buy a granite countertop for your kitchen? Granite is a nice material for countertops and become a popular choice. How much money must you prepare for this counter? All depends on desire and need. There is a way to estimate the budget, by using granite countertops estimator that free to use.

granite countertops estimator

Many websites offer estimator program and one of them is This website enables visitors to specify the installation cost of granite counters. It’s easy to use, even for beginners! As information, the cost to install granite as countertops approximately $47.92 – $78.28 per square foot, the new price in 2014. The cost estimate is calculated from national average hourly labor wages, unit labor productivity rates and average material costs.

three elements granite countertops estimator

There are three important elements in granite countertops estimator from

  • The first step is entering zip code of your location, where materials purchased and labor is hired.
  • The second step is entering the number of square feet to start your project.
  • The final step, click update and all information will appear on screen.

Granite is one of the hardest and strongest natural materials. These countertops will complete the look of contemporary style. Its advantages are resistant to bacteria, scratches and heat. Many people choose granite countertops for its unique patterns and colors. Maintain granite is easy and will last many years if well-maintained. There are four aspects you need to learn before buying granite countertops.

four aspects granite countertops estimator

Pattern & color

The pattern of granite countertops may vary. Popular colors of granite are darker blacks, darker blues, deep purples, vivid reds, vibrant pinks. These colors match to any kitchen decor. For an elegant kitchen, choose soft greys and pinks.


There are four finishes ready to choose such as polished, honed, flamed and burnished. All finishes have different effect to the room.

Slabs or tiles

Granite slabs often become a good choice for people with unlimited budget. Homeowners on budget can choose granite tiles as alternative. The maintenance between tiles and slabs is similar, but the grout line of tiles need a lot of attention too.


Granite counters must get a sealing to protect the surface from scratches and stains.

Use granite countertops estimator from before you buy one for kitchen.

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