Find the Best Countertops for Your Kitchen

Countertop is the most important feature for kitchen and available in several choices. Before purchasing one, consider your budget. If money isn’t a big deal, choose a solid granite kitchen countertop.

kitchen counter tops

Kitchen counter tops are available in various models, but solid granite kitchen countertop have a good quality and work perfectly with your kitchen cabinets, bring the impression of an elegant, despite the price is a little pricey. The drawback, this countertop can crack due to extreme cold and heat, moreover absorb stains.

If a solid granite countertop is not a perfect choice for you, consider engineered stone countertop as an alternative. Engineered stone is a manmade and has toughness to beat solid granite. Well-known brands such as Silestone and DuPont have a lot of variety.

Countertop you need to consider is solid surfaces, available in a variety of colors and patterns. Solid surface countertops are quite stain resistant, but not resistant to heat. Make sure not to put hot pans directly on the countertop.

For people who have limited budget and looking for inexpensive kitchen counter tops, drop your choice on laminate. The advantage is quite easy to maintain. The drawback is, you have to be extra careful, never let this countertop get a scratch because quite difficult to repair.

If you want to build professional kitchen look like owned by a restaurant, choose a stainless steel countertop. Heat resistant is the advantage and there will be no problem to put hot pans directly on it and another feature you might like is easy to clean off. The main problem, this countertop is easy to dent. Make sure not drop anything heavy on it.

Concrete countertop is another option you might choose for its superiority because not prone to crack. However, this countertop is porous and need special treatment to overcome the flaw. Pure marble become the final choice of kitchen counter tops. Never doubt the beauty possessed by this countertop. The drawback is, a little bit pricey and easy to chip off.

Choose the one that become your favorite, consider kitchen design and necessity. Do not forget to prepare budget!

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