Features on New Kitchen Designs You Must Consider

Updating kitchen decor is a way to bring out new atmosphere. If you are someone who loves to follow trends, consider to apply new kitchen designs. What’s hot today?

new kitchen designs

1. For a limited budget, apply new color to kitchen. New trending colors are turquoise, green, grey, violet and neutral. Not only as a decorative because these colors work well to any kitchen style thanks to calming and subtle impression. Although seem basic, these colors have many different shades.

Avoid white walls if you do not want something dull or boring. Just bringing a new color to kitchen decor or create an accent wall to add a new feeling to the room.

2. Get rid of old and dysfunctional appliances. Fill the area with new kitchen appliances, something that makes your busy life easier. Consider to have appliances with double duty and new technology. Ovens have new features, no longer for baking, but remote programming.

new kitchen designs

You can also find refrigerators with LCD screens, a new feature enable you to check out recipes, traffic and weather. Changing new appliances is a part of new kitchen designs, especially a modern and contemporary style.

3. In a modern era, many people start consider the open floor plan design. What is that? Well, this simple design tries to create open space between the kitchen to family area or living room. Means, there is no divider! However, this requires a color theme in the same flow and should blend into one space.

A new trend is making the kitchen as a place to socialize. Many things people do to connect the kitchen and living-room, one of them is placing a couch. They turn the kitchen island as a nice place to chat, gather around for socializing.

4. More and more people give a big attention to environmental issues. They consider features made of recycled or certified environmentally safe materials. Green concept become important part of new kitchen designs and prefer for energy-saving lighting fixtures such as fluorescent light bulbs and water-conserving faucets.

These are several requirements offered by new kitchen designs. Are you ready to apply one of those?

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