Facts Of Quartz Kitchen Countertops

There are many types of kitchen countertop and one of them is made of quartz. Many people feel confused and doubt about this countertop. Is it a good choice or not? Let’s discuss kitchen countertops that are made of quartz. When talking the most abundant material on Earth, don’t forget to include the Quartz.┬áIt’s the third-hardest material and easy to find. However, countertops on the market not only made from 100% natural quartz, but blending with another material, 5-7% polymer resins. The texture of engineered quartz can be coarse or fine, sometimes combined with reflective materials such as glass.

kitchen countertops quartz

Kitchen countertops made of engineered quartz was developed in the 1960s by an Italian company, Breton. If compared to natural quartz countertops, the popularity of engineered quartz countertops has grown significantly. The sales rose dramatically by 60% in 2004 according to HGTV website. Most engineered quartz countertops are made to look similar to granite, limestone and marble. The appearance is smoother, but heavier.

kitchen countertops quartz

Engineered quartz countertops are well-known for durable and hard surface, non-porous. Their advantages such as stain- and heat-resistant, no need annual resealing, but easy to maintain. Natural quartz countertops are highly resistant to the dents and chips, can prevent harmful bacteria showing up on the surface. Both available in a variety of patterns or colors and also match perfectly to almost any kitchen design.

kitchen countertops quartz

Do kitchen quartz countertop, either natural or engineered, is the best choice? Of course! However, the variations and appearances unlike granite that available in a lot of options: grains, textures, and colors. What about the price? If consider the kitchen counter cost estimate, a quartz countertop is also no less expensive than a granite countertop, the price is a little bit higher than a laminate countertop.

Don’t forget to prepare an extra cost, especially the installation cost. Hire a certified professional becomes the best solution. Finding kitchen countertops made of quartz is easier as many stores offering their products via Internet. Choose the one suits kitchen design.

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