Estimate A Kitchen Remodel Project Based On Budget

Do you want to change the existing kitchen design? A kitchen remodel project needs a budget to start, whether low cost or high cost. Kitchen remodel estimates depend on desire of a homeowner. This article will give hints to start a remodel project and the budget you need for a new kitchen design.

Write down on a paper!

paper kitchen remodel estimates

Prepare a blank paper and write down all your necessity to help you determine costs, don’t forget prepare extra blank papers to draw a plan. Do you need new cabinets? If your old cabinets still on the best condition, better repaint, restain, update hardware or replace old doors.

What about appliances? Do you need to replace them all? If your budget is unlimited, this won’t be a huge problem. For people on a budget, they can get cheap appliances from online stores or discount events. Buying new fixtures, cabinets and appliances will take up 30% of the total kitchen remodeling cost.

Hire a reputable contractor!

contractor kitchen remodel estimates

For the best result, spare money to hire a reputable contractor with a lot of experience in kitchen remodeling projects. This is the best option for a person who doesn’t have a time to take kitchen remodel as a DIY project (Do It Yourself).

Finding a reputable contractor is a difficult job to do. Spend your time to get references, searching with internet to find the best contractor on your local area. In this case, you have to prepare 30% of the total kitchen remodeling cost.

DIY project

diy kitchen remodel estimates

Kitchen remodel estimates based on someone who handle the project. If budget is your main enemy, do everything with your own hands. DIY project help you save money, a person who doesn’t have experience can do little jobs such as painting the walls, install appliances and repaint cabinets.

Prepare unexpected costs

costs kitchen remodel estimates

Kitchen remodel estimates often meet unexpected costs, so you are advisable to prepare 10% of your budget. Unexpected costs will vary, so prepare everything to avoid unwanted events.

Let’s learn kitchen remodel estimates based on three categories!

Low cost

low cost kitchen remodel estimates

The budget is approximately $20.000 to $25.000. You only need to focus on your existing cabinets, in this matter the cabinets still on the best shape and only need update. The budget includes new items such as paint, flooring, countertop, faucet and sink.

Complete cost

complete cost kitchen remodel estimates

The budget is approximately $55.000 to $58.000 for a complete renovation by using midrange materials. You will spend money for new appliances, counters, island and semi-custom cabinetry, don’t forget to include the sink, faucet, lighting, paint and flooring.

High-end design

high end kitchen remodel estimates

For luxury result, you will spend a lot of money. The budget is approximately $113.000 to $115.000. Kitchen will use high-end materials such as high-quality backsplash, stone countertops, custom cabinetry, etc. Kitchen remodel estimates for a high-end design will drain your savings.

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