How To Estimate The Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Updating the existing kitchen cabinets is the best solution rather than buying new ones! There are many ways to make the old cabinets look like new such as applying a new paint, replacing the doors, hardware, etc. Repainting is one of remodeling kitchen cabinets on a budget, affordable and save more money, but how to estimate the cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

estimate to paint kitchen cabinets

Repaint and re-stain are two popular choices to make old cabinets get a new fresh appearance. If expect for the best result, hire a professional is the best answer. The cost for repaint or re-stain is different. Let’s find out!


estimate to paint kitchen cabinets

Apply a new paint on the cabinets will eliminate the worn look. As the first step, the existing finish will get sanding or scraping. Several important parts will be removed temporarily. Usually, the professional will use a deglossing agent to remove a glossy finish from the surface of cabinets. How much the cost you need? All depending on the size of cabinets and the cost will start around $367 to $1113.


estimate to paint kitchen cabinets

When talking about the estimate to paint kitchen cabinets, don’t forget to include staining. Many homeowners consider re-stain instead of repaint. Applying a new stain will have the same process as a new paint, but some surface may need a conditioner applied before the staining process start. Just like repaint, there are many techniques to apply a new stain. The cost for re-stain may vary depending on the size of cabinets, it can starts from $376 to $1141.

Repaint or re-stain, two options offering different atmospheres. Both are the best solution to renew cabinets rather than buying new ones. The choice is yours! Feel overpriced? Several homeowners take repaint or re-stain as a DIY project, this way will cut the budget as they don’t have to prepare a cost to pay a professional service. When they start estimate to paint kitchen cabinets, two things need a high focus: colors and painting technique. The results may vary depend on skills. If you feel unsure with your skills, better hire a professional!

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