Estimate Cost to Install Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen design without a backsplash will look incomplete. Nowadays, backsplash already become important feature and can’t be separated from any kitchen design. This feature made of different materials, such as stainless steel, metal, ceramic tile, natural stone, beadboard and mosaic. Many websites on the internet offering a kitchen backsplash cost estimate program such as or that is free to use.

The cost to install backsplash averages $23.52 – $40.28 per square foot based on data 2014 from The cost divides into three subjects such as average material costs, unit labor productivity rates and also national average hourly labor wages. The cost will reduce if not hiring professionals and that means installation is taken as a DIY project.

Hiring licensed professionals to install backsplash is a nice choice for a satisfactory result. They know what to do base on rich experiences. Hire carefully and check the previous project or example they have done. Avoid a disappointing result by learning several pros and cons of available options.

Here are the available options, starting from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Ceramic tile

ceramic tile kitchen backsplash cost estimate

This is the most affordable option, easy to install as a DIY project and has a lot of advantages such as heat resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant. The most important, it’s easy to clean. The disadvantage is focusing on the grout. If not properly sealed, this area can discolor and be hard to clean. Use a kitchen backsplash cost estimate program from to determine the budget.


beadboard kitchen backsplash cost estimate

It’s a good, affordable choice to bring aesthetically pleasing into the kitchen. Beadboard can be varnished or painted to fit any kitchen design. However, this option prone to dirt and the installation will take a lot of time.

Natural stone

natural stone kitchen backsplash cost estimate

There are many options available, but the most popular are granite and marble. However, each stone has different characteristic so need to be researched individually. For example, marble is not heat resistant compare to granite.


metal kitchen backsplash cost estimate

It’s easy to clean and offering heat-resistant. Metal is not scratch resistant, some chemicals or foods may damage the surface.


kitchen backsplash cost estimate

This is a nice choice to bring a personalized and unique look into the kitchen. However, it needs serious skill to install it and may be a little bit difficult to clean depending on material. Hire a professional also becomes a good solution.

Stainless steel

stainless steel kitchen backsplash cost estimate

This option creates a professional kitchen. It’s a great choice for a modern style that is dominated by stainless steel appliances and accessories. It’s easy to clean and heat resistant, but not scratch resistant.

Before you choose one, use a kitchen backsplash cost estimate program from or to determine the budget.

estimating backsplash materials cost.

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