Easy Options to Start Refacing Cabinets

Many ways to make old cabinets in the kitchen appear like a new one and one of them is refacing cabinets, it’s the simplest and most economical way. Nowadays, refacing cabinets already become a big business and several companies offer this service, a good choice for a homeowner who doesn’t have enough time to do it alone.

refacing cabinets

However, more and more homeowners reface their cabinets alone without a professional service. This activity doesn’t too much constructing skills, a newbie without an experience built a cabinet can take it as DIY project. Refacing your cabinets yourself help save money rather than hiring the professionals.

By the way, what is the main benefit of refacing cabinets? Actually, this is the best way to enhance the appearance of cabinets in affordable way and work effectively to remove a bad look on the surface of cabinets. More and more professional designers recommend this action, so homeowners can cut the budget without buy new cabinets.

How to start refacing project

refacing cabinets

The first thing to do is pay attention to the doors. Remove the old doors off the cabinets. Take an example of old cabinet door to home improvement store, buy new cabinet doors based on the size of the old one. In this case, prepare budget to buy new doors.

In the market, doors for cabinet are available in a variety of styles and materials. Be careful when deciding a choice. Choose the door based on the style and color of finish which will complete the look of existing cabinet or color scheme.


refacing cabinets

If you have wood cabinets, using wood veneer is the simplest way to get a new look based on desire. Nowadays, several companies produce high quality solid wood veneers that are easy to install, homeowners only need to peel and stick to specific areas.

New paint

refacing cabinets

Repainting the cabinets is the best way to gain a new look as well remove grease, dust and dirt on the surface of cabinets. Refacing cabinets by giving new color won’t take too much cost and can be taken as easy DIY project.

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