Easy Small Kitchen Makeovers

Nowadays, more and more people love small kitchen makeovers. The budget always becomes a common reason. Since housing has become extremely high-priced over the years even in cities, people have tendency to pick small house or apartment although the kitchen space is small. This article has something needed about the small kitchen makeovers, especially how to beat small space and make the kitchen has its original function.

Remove unnecessary things

small kitchen makeovers

Small kitchen should free from unnecessary things. In this matter, you have to throw away everything that doesn’t meet the purposes of your kitchen. Unnecessary appliances and cookware must out! You don’t have to cast them into garbage, if still have function you need but they are rarely used, storing them at cabinets. An airy look will make small kitchen seem spacious.

Storage space

small kitchen makeovers

A small kitchen must have a well-planned storage space. Provide kitchen cabinets, fridge and shelving to store spices, utensils, cookware, dishware, food and beverages. Buy cabinets and shelving based on the kitchen condition, the large choice will make small kitchen looks crowded. All things must well-organized without creating disorganization. Prioritize the below spaces before consider upper shelves. Install shelving that is easy to reach and accommodate cooking items or dishware.

Provide extra space become an extremely important point in small kitchen makeovers and utilize wall space in a well-planned way. Besides installing shelves, drill some nails to hang pots, utensils and various kitchen items. Save more space by considering an inbuilt storage space for appliances, microwave, fridge and oven. This solution will make small kitchen has a tidy look.


small kitchen makeovers

Small kitchen must have a functional layout. A triangular model is the best option. It relies on three important features such as the stove, sink and refrigerator that should adjacent to each other.


small kitchen makeovers

Use mirrors and colors to create a spacious illusion in the small kitchen. Hang a mirror opposite to the light entrance (window or skylight). Use lighter colors to make the room looks bigger. Use this trick in small kitchen makeovers.

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