5 Easy Small Kitchen Designs On A Budget

There is a benefit having a small kitchen, in this matter no need to prepare big budget for deciding the concept or design. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do, in point of fact, there are many things can be done without spending a lot of money. Here are small kitchen designs on a budget that you can do!


small kitchen designs on a budget

Since you have limited budget, avoid granite countertops. The price is expensive and will increase your budget. As alternative options, choose manufactured stone or laminate countertops. If these options are still out of your budget, consider concrete countertops.


small kitchen designs on a budget

Cabinets become the most important and expensive item in the kitchen. Buy new cabinets will cost you a lot, save money by buying unfinished or secondhand cabinets and reface them for a new look. Replace old doors and hardware with something new, this trick is one of small kitchen designs on a budget.


small kitchen designs on a budget

Install new flooring can be taken as a DIY project, but this will consume so much time, at least you have to prepare two to five days for a complete installation. Installing tile flooring is easy, but you may consider laminate wood flooring as an alternative. The installation process is easy, especially the peel-and-stick laminate flooring.


small kitchen designs on a budget

Small kitchen can have a backsplash too! This feature will show off the personality of homeowner. Do not install backsplash on the entire kitchen, just focus on several important areas such as a stove or sink area. The materials you can use are stainless steel, glass tiles, granite or something that fits to the kitchen countertop.

Sink and fixtures

small kitchen designs on a budget

If you have sufficient budget, consider purchasing new sink and fixtures. For a sink, consider stainless steel sink, it’s a good option especially for modern kitchen. Meanwhile, before buying new kitchen fixtures, please pay attention to the existing ones. Buy new fixtures to replace old fixtures.

When deciding small kitchen designs on a budget, pay attention to countertop, cabinet, flooring, backsplash, sink and fixtures.

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