3 Easy Maintenance Tips For Granite Countertops

Many homeowners are willing to spend money for a granite kitchen countertop. This counter has something adorable and granite can reflect an elegant touch. However, it needs proper maintenance to maintain its beauty. How? Here are several granite countertops maintenance tips.

Daily maintenance

granite countertops maintenance tips

This is the best way to maintain the beauty. Well, daily maintenance won’t take much time, energy and money. Start by cleaning the top surface with a few drops of antibacterial detergent or dish washing detergent into a bowl of warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the bowl, wring it out and wipe out the entire surface. Take a bowl of clean water and a dry soft cloth to rinse the surface.

Never let any spill standing too long on the surface, blot with a soft cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. Remember not to wipe the infected area as the spill can spread out. Prepare a solution of warm water and detergent to flush the spill and rinse. Take a soft cloth to dry up the area.

Remove stubborn stains

granite countertops maintenance tips

There are several granite countertops maintenance tips to remove stubborn stains. Go to a home improvement store and purchase a stone poultice powder. It’s a non-acid cleaning powder that removing grease and other stubborn stains, safe for unpolished and polished natural stone. If you need more guidance, read granite countertops cleaning tips.

Use a sealer

granite countertops maintenance tips

Giving an extra protection is the best way to avoid from stubborn stains. Buy a high quality sealer product. How to use a sealer? First, you have to clean out the entire surface, make sure there is no stain remains. After the surface is dry out well, you can pour the sealer product right on the surface of granite countertop.

Use foam brush or a paper towel to spread out the sealer liquid and let it penetrate the surface about five to ten minutes. After that, use a clean terry cloth to dry up the stone until, the granite counter will be ready to use after twelve hours.

As one of granite countertops maintenance tips, always keep the surface of counter clean all the time.

how to remove sealer on granite countertop.

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