Easy Kitchen Cabinet Price Calculator

Buying a new kitchen cabinet seems an easy job to do, but there are many things need to be prepared beforehand. Nowadays, many homeowners use the kitchen cabinet price calculator to find the best choice. The prices of kitchen cabinet are not the same, depending on several factors. RTA cabinets (ready-to-assemble) with melamine on the bottom may start around $70 per lineal foot while custom cabinets may start around $1,400 per lineal foot.

kitchen cabinet price calculator

About.com gives recommendation to use cabinet price calculator from finehomebuilding.com. The program is easy to use for beginners, just measure the upper and lower cabinets, enter the numbers in the available columns and pick a material. Well, the kitchen cabinet price calculator is not perfect, but it’s a versatile tool although many cabinet choices are not available.

The drawback is RTA option only available with the least expensive choice. If pay attention carefully, finding the best RTA cabinets is easy, even in affordable prices. The quality isn’t too much different with higher end products. Before using kitchen cabinet price calculator, learn carefully how to compare kitchen cabinet prices.

references kitchen cabinet price calculator

Compare a standard product

If you want to compare something, start with a standard product. Two important components must keep in mind: base cabinet (around 30-inch-wide) and wall cabinet (30-inch-wide by 30-inch-high).

compare kitchen cabinet price calculator

Shop around

Use these two important components to gather prices from three or four suppliers such as Ikea if you are considering RTA cabinets (ready-to-assemble). For the best decision, gather prices on doors, hardware and cabinet boxes from other suppliers. Thanks to internet technology, everything accessible faster. Buy assembled cabinets from Ikea, Lowe’s, Home Depot and local kitchen store furniture or via online.

shop around kitchen cabinet price calculator

More references

Find more references, especially from different suppliers. Find out cabinets with different warranties, quality, finishes and materials.

Estimate full cost

Do not forget to include any delivery charges, assembly and installation estimates.

Using the kitchen cabinet price calculator from finehomebuilding.com is easy and set the budget become easier.

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