Easy Ideas For Starting Small Kitchen Redesign

Many people start small kitchen redesign even though they will face a lot of challenges. Unlike large kitchen, many things should be taken into consideration when handling small kitchen area. A small mistake will create a bad impression, so please be alert. Let’s start small kitchen redesign and get an awesome result!

Multipurpose area

small kitchen redesign

Small kitchen should dominate with multipurpose things. In this matter, avoid choosing an element that only works as one function. Be creative to save space, buy slim kitchen cabinets rather than the big one. If pans and pots can’t fit well to cabinets, consider hanging them on the wall or above kitchen island for appealing look.

Another example is an in-wall oven, a good choice for small kitchen rather than a standalone oven. A cooktop that can be fitted over cabinets is much better to save more space. Be wise when selecting a microwave, choose the one that works as a toaster oven as well. A principle to remember, never put two items with the same function.

Compact versions

compact small kitchen redesign

Choose compact versions of accessories and appliances when you start small kitchen redesign. There are many ways to conserve space, for example choosing a slide out cutting board or slim model refrigerator. A rolling dishwasher could be counted to save more space since it is easily movable, but choosing a model mounted under a cabinet is much better.

Sufficient storage

storage small kitchen redesign

When starting to plan small kitchen redesign, make sure the space has sufficient storage feature to remove a great deal of clutter, in this matter you must provide sufficient drawer and cabinet. A small kitchen will appear roomy if well-organized, so better to store all infrequently small appliances and used items in the storage to get spacious space.

Bright light

bright light small kitchen redesign

A small space seem larger if getting enough light. Make sure your kitchen getting enough light when during the day and night. Install proper lighting systems such as overhead panel lighting and expand windows or add a skylight if possible.

When starting small kitchen redesign, you should consider all easy ideas above. Do not forget to prepare your budget before you begin.

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