Several Easy Ideas To Remodel Kitchen Cabinets

Buying kitchen cabinets can cost you a lot rather than simple remodel project. Several ideas are easy to implement such as repaint, re-stain and remove hardware. This article contains ideas to remodel kitchen cabinets, step by step.

Check rigorously

remodel kitchen cabinets ideas

Before remodel the existing kitchen cabinet, please check rigorously its condition. Make sure the cabinets still in good condition, sturdy enough to keep several years longer. Otherwise, you may buy second-hand or unfinished cabinets then do something to them.

Wood finishes

remodel kitchen cabinets ideas

After changing the color of walls, do the same thing to cabinets to create a new total look. Decide what kind of color you will apply. Spend a time go to a home improvement store to study about wood finishes. Many available options, start from dark walnut to light maple. Choose something that complete the color scheme of kitchen and adjust to the size of room.

Repaint or re-stain

remodel kitchen cabinets ideas

Once the cabinet still in good condition, there are two ideas of remodel kitchen cabinets you can do: repaint or re-stain. Both are easy to do, even for beginners. All steps are properly written on how to restore kitchen cabinets on a budget. Paint both the upper frames and the lower cabinets in the same single color.

The first thing to do is removing the drawers, doors and hardware to different area so you can focus on the cabinet frames. Prepare sandpaper to clean out the surface from existing paint or stain then apply a coat of new paint or stain. After you have done the base, do the same thing to the doors and drawers. Once completely dry off, reattach them to the cabinet frames.

Attractive look

remodel kitchen cabinets ideas

Receiving new color or stain isn’t enough, there is a way making cabinets appear awesome dramatically. Remove the old pulls, knobs or handles on the doors and install the new ones. Another trick is removing the doors from the upper cabinets to create an open look, a nice try for a small kitchen to get a spacious look.

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