Several Easy Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Doing a galley kitchen remodeling is not an easy mission, but there is a pleasure or enjoyment if able to finish this mission. Several important things need proper attention, taking a wrong step can ruin everything. So, be careful! Here are several galley kitchen remodeling ideas that may help you.


galley kitchen remodeling ideas

Before you start the remodel project, make a proper plan for the storage spaces. Since the space of galley kitchens is small, choose the storage furniture that provides maximum space and you can consider between rolling shelves and pull-out cabinets. Consider placing smaller drawers or cabinets in small spots (if there is available space). Maximize storage feature will help the kitchen appears neat and well-organized all the time.


galley kitchen remodeling ideas

A galley kitchen is more vulnerable to a cluttered look, especially if you are spending more time in the room to do the cooking experiment. Make the galley kitchen appears simple and sleek by storing the unnecessary items, in this case you don’t have to fill the kitchen with too much items. A minimalist look will make galley kitchen appears spacious and open.

Illuminate the space

galley kitchen remodeling ideas

Avoid a galley kitchen appears dark like cave. As one of galley kitchen remodeling ideas, enlarge the size of existing window. Make it larger! If your kitchen doesn’t have any window, try making one! An accessible window will make the natural light easy to come inside the kitchen, so consider choosing light and sheer curtains. Install proper lighting system, your kitchen must bright during the night.

Color combination

galley kitchen remodeling ideas

Light colors are the best choice for galley kitchens. However, you don’t have to let the light colors dominate. If you have a dark cabinet and want to keep the original look, install backsplash made of light-colored tiles or white tiles. There is nothing wrong to combine dark and light colors. However, don’t let the dark colors dominate, they will make the kitchen space appears smaller.

The conclusion

There are four galley kitchen remodeling ideas you need to focus such as storage, appearance, light and color.

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