4 Different Styles of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Although custom made cabinets can be a good option, people are seeking an alternative and their attention go to RTA kitchen cabinets. These are easy to install and cost very less, a good choice for people on a budget. Nowadays, RTA cabinets are available in various different styles, impressive shapes and attractive designs. Customers must be selective when making a choice since they must choose cabinets to complete kitchen decor!

rta kitchen cabinets

Today, RTA kitchen cabinets are easy to purchase and will be available to your home in less than three weeks and by following the installation instructions, the cabinets ready to use within couple hours.

Before spending your money, let’s learn different types of RTA cabinets!

1. Traditionally decorated houses will look awesome with Windsor maple finish. These cabinets come with natural wood color well perfectly combined with a semi- gloss glaze and are completed with great architectural details. These cabinets also have attractive features such as concealed European hinges, soft closing handles and heavy-duty drawer slides.

rta kitchen cabinets

2. Cherryville RTA Cabinets offers face frames and doors made of solid Maple wood and completed with a glowing cherry finish. Great features hidden by these cabinets such as mount drawer slides, solid plywood sides and European hinges.

3. If you are looking for something popular, narrow down your option to RTA cabinets with ginger maple finish. These cabinets have a unique appearance that is fit well to any kitchen decor. Additional features you can be found are raised panel doors, Roman Arch cabinet doors and Epoxy drawer slides.

4. Choose sunset maple RTA cabinets if you want to add an elegant touch to kitchen space. These cabinets help create a sophisticated appearance thanks to a glowing rich cherry color. You will have no regrets to choose it because many additional features help increase the value of your kitchen.

These are four different styles of RTA kitchen cabinets. What is your choice? All based on your preferences, needs and the style of kitchen. Be selective!

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