6 Different Options to Make Kitchen Countertop

There are many kitchen countertop options, choose the one that fits with budget, taste and decor. If you do not know what to choose, here is a list of good recommendations complete with pros and cons!

kitchen countertop options

1. Ceramic tile is a popular material to make kitchen countertop. The price is cheaper and available in a lot of options. It’s easy to create countertop from ceramic tile as a DIY project. Many people choose ceramic tile because durability feature, easy to install and maintenance.

2. Engineered stone can be the best option for kitchen countertops. The material can be molded to almost any shape, a great choice if you want a custom counter. This stone doesn’t have a natural appearance, but it comes in many colors and patterns. Hire a professional and the installation cost can be so much expensive.

3. Concrete might be a good material and strong, many people love concrete countertops. However, this material needs a proper sealing to avoid staining and a little bit pricey.

4. Glass material includes as one of the best kitchen countertop options. Mostly it called as recycled glass, able to create an attractive and durable counters. It’s a good recommendation and this material comes in unique patterns. Even though it can crack or chip, this material can be grouped as one of the most expensive counter options.

5. Install granite countertops won’t be easy without hire a professional. This material is really famous for its attractive appearance and high durability. It can stand up to heavy use, a good choice for a busy kitchen. The price is expensive, but it can be a good choice as investment. Granite needs annual resealing to prevent stains and maintain its appearance.

6. People with low budget should choose laminate as one of kitchen countertop options. Even though it is cheaper, laminate is available in a lot of patterns and resembles to marble, wood or stone. This material also easy to install and can be molded to almost any shape. The disadvantages, it is not resisted to scratches and stains.

Now, you have many options to create kitchen countertops. Choose the one that fits well with budget, taste and decor style.

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