How to Design Adorable White Kitchens with Simple Steps

There are many colors ready to decorate the kitchen, however, some people prefer white as a main color. There are many reasons, some of them say, white kitchens feel larger than other colors. The advantage of using this color, you could find spot spills faster. So, keep the kitchen cleaning becomes easier since other colors only disguise the spot spills. If you want feel more sanitary, white is the best choice for the kitchen as an inviting place, either for drinking, eating, cooking and socializing.

white kitchens

How to have charming white kitchens? Follow these steps below!

1. There’s nothing wrong using white as a main color, but make sure the kitchen doesn’t look boring. Make white-on-white motif as an additional texture.

First, cover the walls with a white shade, mix with other colors such as sage green, blue or yellow and make sure white dominate the walls. For finishing, use a satin or eggshell.

Second, use a bright white to cover the cabinet. You should use gloss or semi-gloss finish.

white kitchens

Third, combine pale purple accessories like white crockery with purple flowers, white floor mats with purple detailing and lavender kitchen towels. This combination will create a slightly lavender-tinted white, but you will love it.

2. Prepare wood furniture to decorate the kitchen. Start looking for pale wood countertops, mix together with solid white cabinets and walls. This step aims to open the space. Cover wood furniture with white paint, but not on the whole! Leave a specific area for the wood surface. For example, no need to cover the wooden table with white, you can paint the legs, but let the tabletops wood.

white kitchens

For kitchen accessories, look for the one made of light wood. It’s not hard to find towel racks, mug and knife blocks made of light wood. And, for other accessories, make sure to choose the white.

3. Use pendant lights for beautify white kitchens or you may use a white frosted light. If you want to do night activity, install under-cabinet lighting. For low glow, install white rope lights, right under the base cabinets.

Many people prefer white kitchens and there are several reasons for this case. If you want it too, try those above steps!

white kitchens

white kitchens.

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