How To Design An Awesome Transitional Kitchen

There are many amazing kitchen designs and one of them is transitional. Unlike other designs, transitional design is a perfect combination between traditional and contemporary. A requirement to build an awesome transitional kitchen design is creativity and dare to break the rules.

Remodel cabinets

remodel cabinets transitional kitchen design

The first thing you need to focus is cabinetry. Rather buying a new one, refacing old cabinetry doors is a nice solution without taking a lot of money. Use country printed fabric to replace door panels. Give a modern touch by using opaque glass on the doors. If you want something extreme, repaint the doors with chalkboard paint. The doors will become a memo to write or note to-do lists.

Mix & match

mix match transitional kitchen design

A transitional kitchen design allows you to mix and match the old with the new. You are free to do something, even buy a refurbished vintage oven. Having vintage appliances is a nice idea, but you must not have vintage refrigerators or microwaves too. Match the vintage oven with French door refrigerator, a stainless steel microwave and a ceramic apron sink.

Mixing man-made and natural materials is the important key to create a transitional kitchen design. Use polished tile and glass to expose contemporary atmosphere, while choose wood and stone to get a natural finish. Apply a stain of maple, oak or cherry to cabinets.

Kitchen office concept

office transitional kitchen design

It’s a nice concept as you must prepare a place in the kitchen for computer and gadget. Prepare a desk for computer or gadget then install a brushed aluminum backsplash and put oak cabinetry next to the desk. A nice idea you can try is hanging a small flat screen TV on the wall or ceiling, this would bring entertainment while doing kitchen activities.


countertop transitional kitchen design

Quartz countertop is one of transitional kitchen design ideas. It’s available in a variety of colors, you will be easy to find the one with a dramatic effect. Consider concrete countertop as the alternative and give a stain of blues or red that fit nicely with most decor.

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