6 Decorating Tips For A Small Kitchen

Small kitchen decorating can be a fun activity! In this case, homeowners no need to prepare big budget to start the project. However, they will face a lot of challenges. How to decorate a small kitchen in proper ways? Many homeowners meet failure when decorating small kitchen, they unable to make the room looks spacious. Here are several small kitchen decorating tips you must learn!

Small appliances

small kitchen decorating tips

Large appliances will make small kitchen appear crowded. Consider small appliances based on basic necessity. Finding them isn’t a hard task to do as many manufacturers produce appliances in small and compact size. Small appliances will save more space and some of them can be stored in the cabinets. The most important, they make the kitchen appears spacious.

An island

small kitchen decorating tips

Place an island in the center of the kitchen. This can be a nice place to store small appliances and provide extra workspace. If your kitchen space is too small, consider a movable island with useful features. You can get it at any local furniture store.

Exposing pans and pots

small kitchen decorating tips

Don’t be afraid to expose pans and pots. Try to hang them up in a pot rack. This trick helps beautify kitchen design and free up cabinet space. As one of small kitchen decorating tips, make sure the pans and pots are still in a good condition, so you won’t feel ashamed to show them off.

Galley concept

small kitchen decorating tips

For a very limited and small kitchen, use a galley concept. This is a nice solution to get an effective and efficient kitchen design without need doing a massive overhaul that is need a big budget.

Create an illusion

small kitchen decorating tips

Make a small kitchen appears larger can be done with a simple way. Use lighting effect! Make sure the kitchen space get proper lighting during the day and night, install proper lighting systems and create extra windows or skylight.

Avoid clutter

small kitchen decorating tips

Avoid a clutter look is the best way to make small kitchen appears larger. As one of small kitchen decorating tips, you can throw away useless items or store rarely used items in the cabinets. Storage is a must, prepare cabinets and extra storage feature to anticipate.

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