5 Decorating Tips For A Country Kitchen

The country kitchen has something that makes many homeowners become crazy about it. This style doesn’t need a big budget to start, homeowners only need to do something simple and the result will look awesome. Here are several country kitchen decorating tips you can try at home!

Paint the kitchen

country kitchen decorating tips

The simplest thing you can do is painting the kitchen walls in a warm shade such as paprika, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel or honey. Be careful when selecting a color, pay attention to entire kitchen elements. A lighter shade will go well with dark wood furniture. Use a rich color to blend well with light wood furniture.

Window treatments

country kitchen decorating tips

Another simplest way can be done is hanging country-inspired curtains. Choose a curtain made of cotton with a country pattern such as paisley and gingham. Bring a French country touch into your kitchen by using toile-patterned curtains. As extra decoration, choose vintage window coverings in charming cherry or apple designs.

Farm-fresh items

country kitchen decorating tips

Evoke a farm nuance by placing farm-fresh items, such as bowl fruits or a living plant in a small pot. There are many things you can do such as placing a terra-cotta vase in the counter or island and fill it with fresh flowers. Hanging a plant pot above the sink or island is one of country kitchen decorating tips.

Rustic theme

country kitchen decorating tips

Combine country kitchen with rustic theme. Start it by collecting worn and unfinished furniture, several furniture stores have them. If the price is expensive, consider second-hand furniture. Use neutral colors on the walls and floors. Cover the floors with wool rugs.

Black, white and red

country kitchen decorating tips

These are classic colors that create a cheery mood. They blend well with black or white appliances. You can use them all in a balance composition.

Extra tips

As one of country kitchen decorating tips, try removing the cabinet doors and go for an open-shelf look. You can hide storage by hanging curtains right in front of bottom cabinets. Use shelf racks to show off plate collection, artwork and spices.

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