Decorating Ideas To Get A Nice Country Kitchen

Country style still has a lot of fans. Several homeowners want to have country kitchen and they are not hesitate spending a lot of money in order to make their dreams come true. In most cases, there are several country kitchen decorating ideas that won’t deplete your savings. What are they?

Paint the cabinets

country kitchen decorating ideas

Buy a new country kitchen cabinet can cost you a lot. The simple way can be done to existing cabinets is applying a white color. Consider choosing pure white for an elegant look. If you want to create an antiqued look, then an off-white color is a great choice. After applying primary color on the surface, make the cabinets seem worn with age by using black paint. How to do it? Dip a cloth in black paint and point it to the edges of the cabinets. To complete the look, you can install simple cabinet hardware.


country kitchen decorating ideas

Consider hanging vintage plates on the walls and this is one of the country kitchen decorating ideas. Find these plates are easy because you can get them at the thrift store. Buy five or seven plates. Hanging plates on the wall will expose country side as well as show off your taste about something classic. There are many ways to hang the plates, such as using a plate shelf or individual wire hangers.


country kitchen decorating ideas

Decorating the room with blue accessories is one of the country kitchen decorating ideas. Buy curtains, lines and other kitchen accessories in blue color. Make sure to choose solid-colored accessories, they are the best because these accessories can be reused with a different look. If you refuse to use blue accessories, consider different colors such as barn red or yellow. Both are able to create a strong country impression.

Fresh flowers

country kitchen decorating ideas

One of the best country kitchen decorating ideas is placing fresh flower arrangements in a vase right in the middle of island or several strategic area in the kitchen. No need to spend money and buy expensive store-bought flowers, just take wildflowers around your living area. This is a simple idea to create an attractive look in the kitchen.

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