How to Decorate Small White Kitchens

Nowadays, more and more people take their attention to white kitchens and no wonder if this kitchen is extremely popular. However, decorate a white kitchen isn’t easy because there are so many challenges. If you have a small one, here are several steps of how to decorate small white kitchens.

white kitchens

1. Prepare white linoleum to cover up your floor. White linoleum made of the best plastic material that will last for ages, it can be found easily, cheap and easy to clean. The daily maintenance is easy and all you need is mopping the floor to remain white for years to come.

2. White kitchens need a nice white paint. Combine a white paint with an eggshell finish and prepare a paint roller with a 1/4-inch nap roller to start cover the walls. If you are going to use glossy or semi-glossy paint, consider to give satin or eggshell finish, this is to avoid the paint reflect light too much  and make the kitchen appear too glare.

white kitchens

3. For the kitchen ceiling, you can use tin-type panels which can be found easily at home supply stores. Most of them are easy to install, choose a product with adhesive on the back so no need to be nailed down with finishing nails. Bring ladder to install the panels.

4. Most of white kitchens are dominated by white appliances in order to keep the lines clean and even. Finding white appliances is easy and the most popular suppliers have them all. The fastest way to find white appliances is through the Internet. You can buy them via online store.

white kitchens

5. Do you want to put an island in your white kitchen? Consider a movable kitchen island, move it to another place if not needed anymore.

6. Small white kitchens also need to be adorned with accessories. Avoid a drab white look by choosing colorful accessories.

Indeed, deciding a nice decor for a white kitchen is not an easy mission. Study all references from articles, magazine and pictures so you can decide the best.

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