Decide a Nice Kitchen Layout for Small Area

Reorganizing the kitchen area is a fun activity, if carried out properly, then the result will give you satisfaction. Before remodeling, there are many things you need to consider because this area has a lot of elements such as oven-stove combos, refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, island and counter.

Planning the kitchen remodel need to prepare everything, including the layout. So, what is the best kitchen layout for small area?

L-shaped kitchen

kitchen layout

This layout uses two walls that are close together for the placement of all appliances and form a capital “L”. L-shape is a nice option to access all the area and free to move.

The corridor layout

kitchen layout

This concept is famous as a galley kitchen. It has a nice appearance and a good choice for a small and tight kitchen area. You can easily maneuver in the area and get everything without trouble at all.

U-shaped kitchen

kitchen layout

This layout is a perfect type and famous because able to create an efficient work triangle. You can convert one cabinet leg into a breakfast nook.

G-shaped kitchen

kitchen layout

If you want to have a huge amount of space to put cabinets, this kitchen layout is really a nice choice. Many designers recommend it as an ideal option for large families who looking big storage spaces. There are many things can be done, you can convert the extra cabinet leg into a mini bar or a breakfast bar.

After deciding the best kitchen layout, the next is designing the work triangle. Three elements always available: the refrigerator, sink and stove. How many prep areas you want to have? If you love to work more in the kitchen, you need multiple prep areas. Do you want to create a second sink? Make sure there is enough space for it, so does extra room for dicing and chopping. Before starting to create a kitchen layout, please decide other functions that will be available. Check over your kitchen layout by asking a piece of advice from a professional.

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