How to Create a Beautiful Decor with White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are famous for classic and timeless appearance, a perfect choice for a variety of themes and styles. White works with a variety of colors, experimenting with colors to all kitchen elements such as accessories, flooring and walls. Before discussing in more detail, choose a theme that you like the most. Be prepared to experiment!

white kitchen cabinets

1. At first glance, white is a perfect neutral color, but monotonous and boring. Therefore, don’t use basic color only and try to make a texture such as distressed or glazed.

Create a distressed or glazed texture is not easy task for a beginner with zero carpentry skill. The best solution is hiring a professional carpenter, despite the cost is expensive.

Actually, no need to buying new cabinet, use the ones in the kitchen, cover it with a new paint and texture.

Avoid using basic color only because white has several variations such as off-white that works perfectly produce an antique look.

2. Avoid boring appearance by using colorful accessories. For example, hang an oven mitt or towels with colors that fit in with room scheme.

Use bright colors such as lime green or yellow to coat the inside of the cabinet. Combine white cabinets with stainless steel appliances, decorate the room with wood flooring to add warmth, put a wood island in the kitchen and the cabinets become a focal point.

3. Combines with different colors will create something unique. For example, combine white cabinets with black appliances, black countertops and black chairs. This combination will produce a contrast and elegance display.

Meanwhile, use warmer colors such as almond or sand if your kitchen decor is Italian-style. White cabinets blend perfectly with cool colors like mint green or rose-pink.

White kitchen cabinets will be increasingly beautiful and amazing with a touch of attractive colors that come from backsplash made ??of colored tiles.

Many things are working perfectly with the white kitchen cabinets. Do not just set to a cabinet only, use creativity to add attractive features. For example, make shelves close to cabinet and give white colors.

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