Create 3D Kitchen Design with Google SketchUp

Many people are difficult to pull out their ideas about kitchen decorating. Indeed, actualize ideas onto a paper is really hard to do and the better way to spill them out is by using 3D kitchen design. There are many programs enable the users to create 3D design and one of them is Google SketchUp. Have you ever heard it? This is kitchen design software allows user to make 3D kitchen design and filled it with furnishings and appliances.

Basic layout

3d kitchen design

Before build a layout, you must have Google SketchUp program to your computer or notebook. Download and install it from the official web. This program need internet connection, open it and you will see a default figure. You can move it to where you want in the scene and compare it to an area of your work.

Start drawing out the shape of your 3D kitchen design by selecting the “Line” tool. After you finish up the outline of kitchen, click the “Inset” tool and use it to make an inset equal to how thick the walls will be. Once done, click the “Push/Pull” tool to raise the walls to the certain height based your preference.

Add new models

3d kitchen design

After you have done with the basic layout, now you can filled out the kitchen with appliances, chairs and tables. This step can be done easily, find “3D Warehouse” icon and click it. This feature will connect you to the Google site where you can find thousands of models you can use. In order to finished the 3D kitchen design, search through the categories and click on the items you want. Put the items to where ever you want, use the “Move” and Scale” tools.

Add colors or textures

3d kitchen design

Add a texture or color to the walls, use “Paint Bucket” tool to do that, you can also use it to change the color of items in the scene. There are so many textures you can use such as stone, wallpaper, wood and many more. Just click what you want and the texture or color will be automatically applied. Done! You have just completed your 3D kitchen design!

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