The Cost Range of Cabinet Refacing

Many people are still curious with the cost of kitchen cabinet refacing. This option helps save you up to 50%, a nice choice rather than a complete kitchen remodel especially for people with limited budget. Refacing is a quick way to get a new look without making a total overhaul.

kitchen cabinet refacing

Buying a new cabinet may be a good choice for people with sufficient budget, but not for people with limited budget. Refacing the cabinet can be done in many ways such as replace the cabinet doors and old hardware. Many ideas ready to apply and give a new look, whether modern and something more fashionable.

kitchen cabinet refacing

The cost of kitchen cabinet refacing will vary and all depends on the project, but the cost range about $1000 – $5000. Several companies determine the cost on a per unit basis. They announce unit costs with the addition of end panels, false fronts, drawers and cabinet doors. The price per unit is different and the range cost about $150 – $250. The final cost will depend on two things: the design of the cabinet and the material used. So, homeowners can decide the best for their cabinets even with small budget.

kitchen cabinet refacing

In order to estimate the cost, make a call or visit contractors and stores who have specialty in refacing. Several contractors offer a service to estimate the cost by online. Please spend more time to find the best contractor to do the job. Don’t hesitate ask straightforward questions to the contractor. Before making an agreement and sign the bottom line, make sure read all the terms and conditions, be sure to understand them. This action tries to avoid any discrepancies or problems in the future.

If you feel lost in choosing the best contractor, find a recommendation or read reviews on the internet. Refacing kitchen cabinets is the best way to save money, this can be a good trick to save renovation cost rather than buy a new cabinet. Save up more money will increase your budget to do something special to other aspects in the kitchen.

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