Complete Pictures Of Painted Kitchen Cabinets

There are many ways people do to cut down kitchen remodeling budget, one of them is painting a new color to cabinetry. This is a cheap way to get new cabinet without throwing away the old one. New cabinetry is really expensive, could consume 50% of budget. Nowadays, painted kitchen cabinets become a common thing, take a look all images below to get references.

remove pictures of painted kitchen cabinets

Do you want to paint your old cabinets? Instead of hiring a professional, you can do it with your own hands. Painting the cabinets is easy, here are several pro secrets you can apply.

before after pictures of painted kitchen cabinets

1. Before starting a paint job, you need to empty the cabinets, remove freestanding appliances and make sure to clear off the counters. Cover the flooring and countertops with rosin paper and use plastic sheeting to cover the fixed appliances, backsplash. Create a comfy worktable where you are going to paint shelves, drawers and cabinet doors. Clean up the old cabinets since oils and greasy smoke pile up on the surfaces. This trick will help the new color stick perfectly.

cleaning pictures of painted kitchen cabinets

2. Prepare a screwdriver to remove the hinge screws, doors and parts that need to be removed out for a while. Store all essential hardware in a container and set aside the doors.

screwdriver pictures of painted kitchen cabinets

3. Although you have been cleaning up oils and greasy smoke on the surfaces of cabinet all day, don’t forget to remove the existing paint. Prepare a sandpaper to scrub down all shelving, drawer fronts, doors and face frames.

preparation pictures of painted kitchen cabinets

4. Once the preparation is over, you may start the project. Two options available, a new paint or stain. Apply a new paint need you to pay attention to the color scheme of your kitchen. Do not forget to consider the size of kitchen, small space may prefer light and bright colors.

empty pictures of painted kitchen cabinets

5. Take a look to the pictures of painted kitchen cabinets, especially before and after. Apply the first coat, the second coat and final coat. Leave the cabinets about a full day until the paint dry and ready to reattach all hardware.

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