Complete Pictures Of Finished Kitchen Backsplash

A backsplash can increase the beauty of any kitchen design and no wonder becomes important element. There are many material options to make it, all depend on need, desire and budget of course. Before you decide to make one, take a look to the pictures of finished kitchen backsplash so that you will obtain more ideas. Let’s start from the materials!

Natural stone

white finished kitchen backsplash

You will find this option in a variety of choices. Some people choose it to complement the countertops, for example marble backsplash with polished marble countertops. Natural stone can be divided into several materials, start from the low cost up to the expensive. Marble is expensive ,but low maintenance and easy to clean, while slate tile is an affordable option, but has disadvantages such as porous and hard to clean.

Stainless steel

stainless steel finished kitchen backsplash

This option often found at commercial kitchen, but some homeowners choose it to complete the modern kitchen design. Stainless steel is easy to clean up, all you need is a damp cloth. However, it can get scratched easily because of abrasive sponges or cleaners. So, be careful when cleaning up the surface.

Glass tile

glass tile finished kitchen backsplash

This option is a little bit expensive from the common materials such as ceramic tile. Please take a look to the pictures of finished kitchen backsplash, glass tile can boost the final look of your kitchen. To be honest, this backsplash will give a spacious illusion to a small kitchen. So, you must consider glass tile, despite pricey. Take a look to finished kitchen pictures with glass backsplash.

Ceramic tile

ceramic finished kitchen backsplash

This is a common choice and relatively cheaper. Install ceramic tile won’t be a huge problem and easy to mainain, all you need is a sponge to remove dirt and debris. The biggest problem is the grout, it could get stain easily. However, this economical option is available in a variety of patterns and colors.

Low budget? Consider installing the backsplash on several important areas such as behind the sink and stove. Spend a time to take a look to the pictures of finished kitchen backsplash and you will get the best ideas.

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