A Complete Collection of Backsplash Photos as Reference

Everyone wants a beautiful kitchen and not hesitate to splash out their money. One of kitchen interiors is backsplash and not easy to make it. Kitchen backsplash design depends on color scheme, theme or style of the rest of area and not easy to take a decision, you need to look for backsplash photos as references.

backsplash photos

1. If your kitchen using two shades of the same hue, a checkered backsplash is an ideal choice. For example, you may decorate the kitchen using two main colors, white and black appliances, the best option is a tiled backsplash with a checkered border, create it right behind the stove so could look more uniform.

This design is not limited to white and black only. If you have a kitchen with bright colors dominance such as cherry red or turquoise, a checkered backsplash blends perfectly and able to give an advantage if you make it between the counters and cabinets, especially using two-hue border concept.

For example, mixing white or gray tiles with navy and turquoise tiles as a border, this combination will produce a cool color scheme. Meanwhile, tan or brown tiles with rust-red and cherry tiles as a border will produce a warm color scheme.

2. Marble backsplash is a wise choice for a kitchen with Tuscan accent or monochromatic theme because able to bring timeless elegance. Marble is a perfect backsplash for kitchen with off-white, cream or white colors.

Marble is famous since a long time ago as a classy feature for the kitchen, especially the main material to make a backsplash. This will complete the Italian-style artwork so could appear more authentic. Try a black marble backsplash, install between the cabinets and counter or behind the stove, kitchen with dark and light shades of gray will look dazzling because produce fine texture.

3. Look for backsplash photos with mosaic design and you will wonderstruck. This design is suitable for all color schemes. For example, if you are using warm colors such as yellow, make a mosaic design using a banana or an orange right behind the stove. If you decorate the kitchen with brown, then make a mosaic design that represents the same color like cocoa or chocolate.

There are many ideas, designs, themes and impossible to try it one by one. Therefore, please collect backsplash photos as a reference to determine an option.

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