How to Clean Up Washable Cotton Kitchen Rugs in Your Home

Rug made from various fabrics and one of them is cotton. Coat the floor with a rug can enhance your home decor, especially if you put it in the kitchen. Rug is able to bring warmth to feet due to coat the cold floor and to keep it away from food and drink spills or dirt due to cooking activities.

washable cotton kitchen rugs

Cotton rugs are available in different sizes, colors and shapes. A large selection makes it easy to find which one is suitable for kitchen. You may also find washable cotton kitchen rugs! Unlike the others, it is easy to clean even wash it. By doing regular maintenance, these rugs can last for several years without compromising its beauty.

Advantage to choose washable kitchen rugs, no need to bring it to a professional laundry service, do it yourself at home to clean it up and make it look like new because these rugs are easy to wash!

a. Prepare a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust on rugs. This is the first step to remove dirt attached to rugs so will be easier to clean it later.

washable cotton kitchen rugs

If there is no vacuum cleaner, wipe with a manual way. Bring a rug outside and shake it off. Previously, wear a mask because dust will come out suddenly.

b. After removing all dust and dirt, it’s time to put rugs in the washing machine. Put into it if the size is quite fit. This step to make sure all dirt and dust attached to fibers could disappear.

washable cotton kitchen rugs

If you have a large rug, use a steam cleaner to help clean it free from debris. After finished washing, dry it at the outside and take advantage of solar heat. Use a fan to help dry large rug.

c. Stubborn stains often embellished rug and hurts your eyes. Clean it up using hydrogen peroxide! Take a brush, dip it into the solution, scrub the stains till disappear and rugs be clean.

d. Before cleaning and washing rugs, make sure the weather is sunny and lots of sunshine. It is able to kill bacteria that still attached to rugs.

There are many advantages by having washable cotton kitchen rugs. Don’t choose others if not easy to clean. Besides cotton, washable rugs are also available from many fabrics, choose according to taste.

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