Choosing a Good Kitchen Island Lighting & Fit with Decor

The kitchen island lighting is an important element to make a statement about a certain design style. In order to create a perfect combination, make sure this element can well-coordinated with the rest of the room. Since there are many available options, kitchen pendant lighting might become an ideal choice, but consider chandeliers and recessed lighting as alternative.

kitchen island lighting

1. Lighting options

If you prefer to choose pendants lighting, install two or three lamps for the island. This lighting system is available in a different style, either traditional or modern, make sure to choose a style that completes the kitchen decor.

A country kitchen will look more adorable by pairing the stainless steel appliances with chrome pendants. Different lighting system also creates a different impression too! For instance, a chandelier drags a romance feel. If you have installed a cabinetry hung above the island, complete this furniture by installing under cabinet lighting.

2. Popular choice

From the three choices above (pendants, chandeliers and recessed), pendants become the most popular choice as a kitchen island lighting. If this lighting system is an ideal choice, please choosing pendant lights that fit well with the style of the kitchen. Install pendant lights will create a unique appearance, increase the beauty of kitchen. This lighting system will make everything go easier, whether as a task lighting for preparing and eating meals.

Since the pendants are available in a different size, choose the one that fit well with the island. Avoid choose large sized pendants since they will dominate the island. Choose a size that is on the same scale. For instance, a large island will perfectly fit with large sized pendants; otherwise, small pendants perfectly fit with a small island, not the large one!

The kitchen island lighting will look more attractive if you try to coordinate the colors of the island with other elements of the kitchen. Consider the cabinetry and counters, make sure those three elements can merged into a perfect design and able to make a statement.

Choose a proper lighting system will result a perfect design and increase the beauty of a kitchen. For the installation, hire a professional is a wise choice.

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