Considerations to Choose Kitchen Wallpaper & How to install it

Changing a color that adorn the walls is the easiest way to give a new look to kitchen, however, wallpaper is a perfect alternative because available in various designs and colors. Determine kitchen wallpaper isn’t much different to find a perfect color for the walls but there are many considerations, especially design and elements that surround the kitchen, one of them is appliances.

kitchen wallpaper

There are many ways to put kitchen wallpaper, you don’t need to coat entire wall, just on one large wall and combine it with a neutral color. This is a powerful way to create a focal point. Before install wallpaper in the kitchen, take some samples to find out which one is the best!

Let’s discuss about kitchen wallpaper in more detail.

kitchen wallpaper

Determine a wallpaper to decorate kitchen walls isn’t an easy task because there are various designs and colors. Many people choose self adhesive wallpaper because easy to install. How to install it perfectly?

1. Spread the wallpaper and measure carefully to wall. Take water to moisten the back of wallpaper, this is an easy way to stick it to wall, so no need to glue.

2. Use smoothing tool to make kitchen wallpaper installed perfectly without showing bubbles.

3. Let wallpaper to dry for 20 minutes. Do the same thing as steps on number one and two. (Before you hang something on the wall, let wallpaper dry for 24 hours).

kitchen wallpaper

Updating the kitchen isn’t only using paint, wallpaper give many options. However, you shouldn’t choose arbitrarily because there are considerations become major concern.

1. Choose a color or pattern according to cookware and furnishings.

2. If you want to open a room, choose light-colored wallpaper instead of dark-colored.

3. There are many patterns can give different impression for kitchen. If you want a modern impression, choose a contemporary floral pattern, it’s able to give updated look.

4. Prior to coat entire wall, give wallpaper on one wall to produce a focal point.

Before install kitchen wallpaper, do measurements in detail and thoroughly. When finished install it, let it dry for a day then you can put something on the wall.

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