Choose a Color When Painting the Cabinets

There are many ways to renew kitchen cabinets and one of them is giving a touch of new color. Painting cabinets is a quick and inexpensive way to gain a new look to the kitchen. Before applying a new color, many things need to be prepared especially sanding the surface, an important thing to do. The question, what is the best color for kitchen cabinets?

1. Wood cabinets

painting cabinets

Painting wood cabinets can be a difficult challenge, but the simple thing to do is exposing the natural color of cabinets. How? Staining the cabinets! The concept is easy, use darker finishes for cherry and oak cabinets and lighter finishes for maple and oak cabinets. If you want to give a classy and elegant look to the kitchen, painting cabinets with dark wood tones.

2. Contrast

painting cabinets

Consider painting cabinets in white color and create a contrast by applying a dark color to the kitchen. Apply cream or white color to the mounted cabinets and use a honey-colored stain to the mounted plate rack or kitchen island cabinets. They can be a nice focal point to kitchen design.

3. Apply black color

painting cabinets

If you want to create a contemporary kitchen design, apply black color to the cabinets. This option works perfectly for a kitchen dominated in white, cream or silver color. Many options available when painting cabinets in black, you can choose between a distressed or matte finish. Combine black cabinets with light-colored granite to get a nice look.

Do you want alternative colors?

1. To evoke traditional kitchen design, use gray, white or other light neutral colors. These colors able to turn kitchen spaces feel more airy and open.

2. Consider oranges, reds, bright yellows or other warm colors since they help make a strong statement.

3. Create a peaceful feeling by using green, purple, blue and other cool colors. They are the best choice for small kitchen.

4. Painting cabinets in dark colors such as gray, dark blue and black can be a nice option, but be careful when making a choice.

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