How to Choose a Blanco Undermount Kitchen Sink to Suit Needs

People prefer an Undermount sink installed right on the underside of the counter instead of showing the lip of the kitchen sink right over the countertop. There are several reasons why would they choose it, they want to earn sleek look and embellish the kitchen. In addition, Undermount kitchen sink is much easier to clean and faster to wipe off kitchen counters, this will save your valuable time!

Blanco undermount kitchen sink

Blanco is a renowned brand that manufactures Undermount sink, either for kitchen or bathroom. Try to integrate a Blanco Undermount kitchen sink with marble or granite countertops and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Solid surface countertops work best with this sink, please consider if you want to remodel or build your new kitchen appearance.

Before you buy, there are some elements that you must note! Choosing this sink need a consideration, such as:

1. Beforehand, you should measure the available counter space by using a tape measure. Make sure you note the depth and width of your available counter space then choose a suitable sink based on measurements. Blanco offers three sizes: 25, 33 or 43 inches wide.

2. Watch your habits while being in the kitchen, choose a stainless steel sink if you are tend to throwing pans and pots into your sink bowl. Stainless steel is resistant to smash-up and not easily damaged. It is okay to choose the enamel-coated cast iron sink, but there are many drawbacks such as heavy and susceptible to chip and scratches if exposed to collision regularly.

3. How many bowl that you need? All depends on your needs! If you often wash cooking utensils and cutlery without using a dishwasher, choose a sink with two or three bowls. The more number of bowls, then cleaning the dishes become easier. You may choose an Undermount sink with one large bowl only, if you prefer to use a dishwasher for most heavy washing.

4. Consider the low gauge thickness. If the gauge number is lower, then the durability and thicker are increasing. Consider this matter before you buy a Blanco Undermount kitchen sink.

If you’re not sure with this model, consider other models such as the Blanco corner kitchen sink. Consult with the experts if you are totally lost.

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