How to Choose the Best Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting system is one of the best kitchen lights and available in different of styles, shapes and colors. If you want something different for your kitchen décor, this lighting system is a perfect choice since available in a lot of unlimited ideas.

kitchen pendant lighting

Do you want to install kitchen pendant lighting? Here are some good references for you!

1. Classic atmosphere

Bring a classic touch to kitchen theme isn’t hard at all because you choose a classic style pendant light like schoolhouse light with a dark chain or banker’s light with a polish brass rod as an alternative. Both choices are perfect for traditional or country style kitchens.

There are many ways to use these lights and you can light up the sink or desk area as ideal task lighting. If you have a bar feature, install urn-shaped pendant lighting create a nice touch.

2. Contemporary atmosphere

For people who have contemporary kitchen style, install hand-blown glass pendants will create an attractive appeal. Honestly, contemporary kitchen with hand-blown glass pendants is a perfect combination for a more sophisticated look.

You can install a single hand-blown glass pendant light in a bright color such as orange or blue just right over the sink. You will be amazed with the final result.

If you are not going to choose hand-blown glass pendants, install embossed glass lights as alternative over island or countertop. A stone light feature is another option you can try, if you want to bring a soft glow, better to install alabaster. These lighting fixtures work perfectly to illuminate countertops or important elements in the kitchen.

3. Pewter and brushed nickel

Pendants made of pewter and brushed nickel, these materials become faultless touch since able to add function and flare. Buy a large pendant light and install it over an oval or round kitchen table. Whatever metal you choose, buy the one fits with hardware on the cabinets so able to create a unified appearance.

Kitchen pendant lighting is available in different versions and ready to complete your décor.

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