How to Choose the Best Granite Countertops for Kitchen

Kitchen countertops are made from various materials and one of them is granite. Some homeowners choose granite kitchen countertops because famous for its beauty and durability. Even so, be careful in making a decision, granite is available in various colors, edges, thickness and finishes, all elements need to understand before the installation. Before you decide to buy granite countertops, follow these steps below.

granite kitchen countertops

1. If you want countertops with the best value, be sure to compare prices between companies. It’s not easy to find the highest quality stone for the lowest price. Please feel free ask opinions or examples from people around.

2. Please be careful in choosing a color and be sure to choose the one that compatible with color scheme of the room. Granite includes as a natural stone and available in a variety of colors.

3. Although granite kitchen countertops are famous for an elegance appearance, but it also has imperfections that affect structural integrity. This natural stone has hairline cracks and natural pits as its identity, known as an element of beauty.

granite kitchen countertops

4. Before buying countertops, please decide your sink style. You will pay extra cost to the granite fabricator for sink installation, whether you decide to choose undermount or drop-in sink.

5. Granite countertops are available in different thickness and typically referred to as 2 or 3 cm. Different thickness have different price too! If you are in a low budget, avoid buy 3 cm granite because the price is expensive. However, this thickness is a lot better than 2 cm countertops because more attractive and stronger.

granite kitchen countertops

6. Another aspect you need to consider is type of edges. The countertops often built with standard edges such as bevel and half-bull nose, if you want a different taste, and then ask the fabricator to design an edge.

7. The last aspect you must consider is seamless countertops. Ask your fabricator if he can install that feature for you although must pay extra.

Follow all steps if you want to buy granite kitchen countertops. However, please avoid put a heavy object because cabinets can crack. Despite most granite fabricators seal their product, please reseal the surface for maximum protection and you can do that every few years.


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