Seven Cheap Ways to Design Your Kitchen

How to design your kitchen in a limited budget? There are many ways you can do! Renovate the kitchen decor can be done in a cheap way, such as:

design your kitchen

1. Buy new cabinets not the best answer, the simple thing you can do is giving a new stain or paint to the existing cabinets. If you don’t have cabinets, consider buy used cabinets and give a little update to save money.

2. Buy appliances that won’t take too much electricity and increase the water bill, in this case, choose the ones with Energy Star label and these can serve as long-term savings.

3. Before selecting countertops, consider choose the sink first. Indeed, most materials of countertops can accommodate the sink. However, there are some condition need to be considered based on the styles of sink such as the undermount or seamless types.

design your kitchen

4. Before choosing the materials of flooring and countertop, you have to consider the maintenance, so does the cost of replacement. This trick applies for a new or revamped kitchen. Since your budget is limited, consider laminate tiles. These are cheap, but show scratches and nicks more easily.

5. In order to design your kitchen, plan everything clearly, even for the smallest thing! This is the best thing you have to do especially if the budget is limited. Note everything you need, includes them all into the shopping list, even the styles, sizes and prices.

6. After you set up the budget to design your kitchen, do not forget to prepare extra fund for unforeseen obstacles. You don’t know what will happen in the future when the project start, extra fund to cover up unwanted things such as pay the contractor, labor and extra materials.

7. Spend you time to shop several items for kitchen such as tiles, lighting and other elements. If you want to save more money, consider to buy from online store and find any discount sale at a home improvement store.

In order to design your kitchen, these are seven things need to consider. All can be done in several days if the plan is well prepared. Do not forget to use free kitchen design software, so everything can be done easier!

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