Characteristics, Layouts and Decors of Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary style interior is about clean lining and open space design. For contemporary kitchen, smooth and sleek polished cabinets are commonly employed. To avoid clutter look, streamlined furnishing and layout is required. Many people love having minimalist design for the interior. It does not need too many elements to be involved. It is also a good space saving idea. For larger look space, open space is also usually applied. For the kitchen, it is frequently connected to dining space and living space. Then, how can we create a contemporary kitchen? Let us begin with how to select the best Contemporary kitchen furniture, especially the Contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Some Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Characteristics

If you are expecting to have Contemporary kitchen cabinets, you should meet these characteristics. We divided the characters into three parts, i.e. natural materials, accessories, and geometric elements. For the materials, you can choose one of leather, aluminum, stone, and wood. To add a bold character of contemporary style, you should combine the material that you opt with glass accents. The glass can be presented by adding glass countertop, glass backsplash, glass windows, and even glass bulbs or lighting.

Then, for the accessory, you should select the accessory which is in some striking lines. Contemporary style interior does not require too many accessories to add. Simple and minimalist styles are the more interesting. Even, Contemporary kitchen cabinets without door knobs and handles are more popular than any other cabinets with knobs or handles. Without these items, the cabinets look more flawless and that is what the contemporary style wants.

Smart combination of geometric elements presented by the Contemporary kitchen cabinets and some other accessories and elements is also needed. Start with the geometric shaped cabinet doors. They can be designed in straight lines, square shape, or circle shape. Color supports also play an important role. Contemporary style loves simple coloring with neutral tones. But employing some contrast colors is better. For example, you can have a dark brown touch for the cabinet and surprising blue accent for the kitchen island. What you should understand is that contrast colors can support the geometric shaped elements.

How to Layout Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

As previously mentioned, contemporary interior is about open space. Contemporary kitchens need easy access from and to dining and living space. Kitchen is now not only a space to prepare some foods and beverages, but also a space where the home owner gather with family and friends. That is why you should smartly plan the layout of your Contemporary kitchen cabinets. The layout can be in a single, galley, L-shape, U-shape, or G-shape. Those layouts are possible, but the most commonly applied layouts are the galley, L-shape, and U-shape because single layout is too simple and the G-shape is too crowd for contemporary kitchen.

If you only have a small space for your kitchen, galley shape design can be the more suitable. It is where the Contemporary kitchen cabinets are arranged in only a single line. However, for more storage, you can have both lower and upper cabinets in a single line. You can also have a kitchen island. Kitchen island not only offers more storage, but also offers work space extension. You can have sink on the island so that the space for you to prepare the foods and beverages is separated from the space where you clean your kitchen appliances.

For a longer space, L-shaped layout can be possible for you. The Contemporary kitchen cabinets are structured in an L-shape lining. Besides, you can also have storage and work space extension by adding kitchen island. Complete kitchen furniture helps you have easy access from the counter space to the work stations. In some cases, to gain openness design, the island separates the kitchen area from the living area without any wall dividing them. It is also a perfect example of kitchen which is designed for a gathering spot. Island with stools facilitate some persons gathered. It is also directly connected to the living space behind or next to it.

For a perfect application of work triangle concept, U-shaped layout for the Contemporary kitchen cabinets is recommended. Besides it offers more space to work, it also presents more storage to store any things. If it is completed with island in the center, it will be too crowding and not suitable with the main approaches of Contemporary kitchen design, effectiveness and openness. It is better for you to add some seating units completing the cabinets. You can have single or double lines of cabinets that you can complete with the seating units.

How to Decorate Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Considering their sleek design, Modern kitchen cabinets are commonly used for contemporary kitchen. They can’t stand by themselves without any support of the other elements. Contemporary kitchen cabinets should meet some of these points, i.e. kitchen furniture and accessories, kitchen decoration, and interior coloring. Cabinets must match the other pieces of furniture and accessories. Black cabinets and island with stainless steel stools, white cabinets and glossy finished granite countertop, white cabinet and grey countertop, natural wood cabinets and chrome stools and appliances are some of inspiring examples.

Some decorative items can also be combined with the Contemporary kitchen cabinets. Contemporary style does not require many items to be added. To match the wooden cabinet, for example, bold natural accents can be presented by some greens and fruits displayed on cabinets and island. Catchy pendant lamps and chandelier can also be the focal point. Stunning backsplash can also be supported by light under cabinet for a complete decoration. All of those items should match the cabinets.

The last is about Modern kitchen color. You can develop a neutral tone interior coloring with black and grey, white and grey, or white and cream coloring. You can also create a dramatic or contrast coloring by applying some bright colors. The coloring is supported with the Contemporary kitchen cabinets, furniture, some other elements, and of course the painting. Contemporary requires simple hue that means you should not combine too many colors for the interior.

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