How To Buy Small Kitchen Islands With Seating

Small kitchen islands have so many functions such as extra counter space, extra storage and so on. These islands also work well as a gathering place in the kitchen and several homeowners use them as breakfast nook to replace kitchen table or a function as a mini bar. In this matter, finding small kitchen islands with seating become the most primary choice to meet all desires above.

When you find small kitchen islands for sale, most of them are available without seats. In this case, you must purchase separate seats. There are tips and tricks to get the best seats for small kitchen islands.

small kitchen islands with seating

Available space

Since you have a small kitchen island, buy seats based on size. Two or three seats are more than enough. Before adding extra seats, make sure there is enough space in the kitchen.

smaller stools small kitchen islands with seating


Before buying separate seats, you have to know the basic function of island in your kitchen. More exactly, how do you going to use it? If you love to bring your guests into the kitchen, buy stools to create a more casual setting. If you want to let the children doing their homework in the kitchen, prepare a lower counter and seating area.

function small kitchen islands with seating

Avoid benches

Small kitchen islands with seating always become a nice focal point. However, never select benches for your small island. Bench isn’t a great combination unless you have a large island. It takes too much floor space.

comfy seat small kitchen islands with seating

Comfy seats

In very small kitchen designs, homeowners use kitchen islands as a dining area. That’s a smart choice and it will feel more awesome with comfy seats. The price may expensive, but the sensation is irreplaceable. Since limited space, buy two or three seats only.

bench small kitchen islands with seating

Smaller stools

Small island fit well to small kitchen. A trick you can try is buying smaller stools. These can save more space and storable when unneeded. The price may vary, but choose the ones bring comfort.

That’s five important tips before buying small kitchen islands with seating. Consider all tips above to make a good decision.

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