How to Buy Small Kitchen Cabinets

A small kitchen may need cabinets that fit with its size. Avoid large cabinets that may take up a lot of space. How to choose small kitchen cabinets?

small kitchen cabinets


What will you apply to cabinets? Paint or stain? Whatever your choice, consider soft and light colors. These colors add the illusion of spaciousness to the small kitchen. For a different look, try popular painting techniques such as faux to add depth, dimension and visual interest. Apply stencil designs to upper cabinets will make kitchen ceilings look higher.

small kitchen cabinets

Hardware & pulls

Make small kitchen cabinets appear dazzling by choosing simple drawer pulls and doors, do the same thing to hardware, choose and install high quality hardware on the cabinets. Remember not to pick overly-ornate pulls, doors and hardware since they will make a bad impression. Always focus on simple design and avoid something large and overly-ornate.

small kitchen cabinets


Solid wood is the best cabinet material, famous for its durability and natural beauty. It’s available in a variety of styles and colors. The price of wood cabinets depends on the type of wood. When compared composite cabinet materials such as laminate and thermofoil, wood is more expensive. Homeowners with limited budget can choose alternative cabinet materials.

small kitchen cabinets

Besides pay attention to the three factors above, you may need additional cabinets. Even though the kitchen space is small, adequate storage feature is a must to avoid a cluttered look. Save more money by choose prefabricated cabinets, you can find them at discount stores and home improvement stores. The only thing you can do is giving a stain or paint to the new cabinets to match with the rest of available cabinets in the kitchen.

The best small kitchen cabinets must cover the function and style you desire. The quality of the cabinets must fit your budget. There are many available options on the market, start from stock kitchen cabinets to custom cabinetry. Before buying one, consider materials use and labor cost for installation, don’t forget about additional accessories and features.

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