How to Buy a High-Quality Kitchen Sink

Do you want to buy a kitchen sink? You must consider every feature and detail.

Size factor

kitchen sink

Choosing a kitchen sink is not only pay full attention to the quality, please consider about the size. In the market, most sinks available in different sizes, 22 by 30 inch sized bowls with eight inches in depth. However, you might also meet nine and ten inch deep bowls. Besides the size of kitchen sink, consider extra feature such as bowls for peeled fruits which located in the center.


Before buying a kitchen sink, you have to learn the features within it. Most of sink products in the market are made with four holes; one for the shower, one for the faucet, one for the cold knob and one for the hot knob. You can also find products with extra spouts that can be used for air gap for the dishwasher drain, soap dispensers or a liquid soap dispenser.

kitchen sink

If you are not going to buy sinks with extra features, ask the supplier to cover the unused holes. If kitchen sink doesn’t have enough holes then drill a hole by yourself or call a professional to make it for you.

Installation process

Besides paying full attention to a type and a design of kitchen sink, please be aware about the location and make sure the sink can fit well to the location. You are facing with two types; an undermount sink or a self-rimming sink. Are you looking for a sink with easier installation?

kitchen sink

A self-rimming sink can be a nice answer, but hard to clean especially the underside part where the sink attaches to the countertop because this area can be the growth of bacteria. If you want to have a kitchen sink that is easier to clean, choose an undermount even though the installation process is a little bit difficult. Before installing kitchen sink, buy faucet in the same style.

Kitchen sink is really important, but you must consider the main materials whether made of stainless steel, solid surface or enameled cast iron.

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