Where to Buy Hello Kitty Microwave & What Its Features

A kitchen will look hollow and incomplete without a microwave. Indeed, there are many famous brands producing microwave with different of types, styles, colors and shapes. Nowadays, kitchen is not for housewives only because teenage girls or young women began to spend their time experimenting in the kitchen. They make a kitchen look different by buying and placing kitchen appliances that suit their taste. Thankfully, some brands of kitchen appliances responded their desire by create items that reflect a young soul.

hello kitty microwave

Perhaps, pink microwave is a standard option, but what about the Hello Kitty microwave? Yup, there is a brand that produces microwave with Hello Kitty themed! This is a surprising choice, but fun, especially for teenage girls and young women who idolize this iconic character. The nice thing is this product available in pink!

Hello Kitty is famous as the cutesy icon, of course this will make the microwave became a great focal point for the kitchen, especially if you want to make a pink kitchen. It’s a good option to beat stainless steel, black or white microwave. Just look the product samples in this article and you can see a Hello Kitty’s face is on the microwave window. The design is cute, right?

Hello Kitty microwave features:

1. This microwave has 0.7 cu. ft. interior, able to accommodate stack items and a wide variety of meal.

2. The cooking process noticeably easier with 700W of power and 10 power levels so able to customize based on your needs.

3. Cooking food become easier with touch of a button and available with 6 pre-programmable recipes.

You can find the essential buttons on a white panel, please check on the right-hand side of the microwave. Simply press a button to cook your favorite foods such as makes pizza, potato, soup, veggies and popcorn. Other features are a kitchen timer, a rotating plant inside and a defrost button.

What is the price for a hello kitty microwave? It’s cheap and affordable! Amazon sells it about $74.59! Buy before it runs out.

buy hello kitty microwave.

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