Building Extra Shelves in your Kitchen Closet

Every kitchen needs closet to store important items, either for food ingredients, canned foods, spices, dishes, cookware, tableware and cutlery. Building closet shelves become the best choice if you need an extra storage space. You can do it yourself without need to call a carpenter. If you are unsure with your ability, it’s okay to call a professional.

building closet shelves

What should you do to build closet shelves?

1. Before you go, learn your needs. Find out what will you store in the closet.

The shelves size adjusting to the items you want to put, whether it’s cookware, tableware, canned foods and food ingredients. Arrange the shelves by category of items that you frequently use and this action to create easy access.

2. Find all materials you need. Visit home improvement stores and hardware stores, you will get materials to make shelves like drywall hangers, shelves, shelving braces and screws.

Usually, shelves are made from fiberboard coated with wood-grain laminate. You can cut the boards to suit your specification. As a final touch for the edges, attach the rubber gaskets.

3. Make adjustable track shelving is totally straightforward and you can start by long metal tracks with slots for every inch. First, attach the track rods to the wall of your closet and the next step is inserting bracing at height you want. You can make a custom closet with affordable price. All you have to do is laying down several tracks on the back of your closet and attach different sized shelves at different levels.

4. Building closet shelves will be easy if you make a careful planning. However, a custom closet is a perfect choice. You can design it by yourself or hire a professional. There are various features you can present, the installation process also varies. A custom closet lets you select materials and design, maybe the price is a little expensive, but you will be proud to have it in your kitchen.

Building closet shelves will function properly if you adjust as needed. Therefore, make sure you prepare everything perfectly.

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