Brilliant Ideas For Remodeling A Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchen is a nice concept utilizing narrow space. However, several homeowners want to change it for different atmosphere, but still using galley concept. Remodeling a galley kitchen may a little bit different if compared to small kitchen.

Fresh color

remodeling a galley kitchen

Give a new fresh color on several kitchen elements such as cabinets, walls and ceilings. For cabinets, you can choose between new paint and new stain. Avoid dark colors as they able to create a darker space. Use lighter colors to backsplash, walls, cabinets and ceilings. If you already have dark cabinets and love it so much, it’s fine to keep it in the kitchen as long as the other elements use light colors.

Bring more light

remodeling a galley kitchen

Besides installing adequate lighting systems, make sure the kitchens get natural light during the day and night. Expand or add extra window if possible, install sheer curtains to allow more natural light coming inside the kitchen. Install lighting systems such as ambient lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting.

Sleek design

remodeling a galley kitchen

Remodeling a galley kitchen is easy to do as long as you stick to sleek design concept. Stay on a simple look, avoid clutter things. No need too many small appliances, but please store unnecessary items into the cabinet until you need them. A minimalist look on the counter is the key of galley kitchen concept.

Storage is a must

remodeling a galley kitchen

Prepare a plan when remodeling a galley kitchen and the first thing on the list is the storage spaces. Choose storage solutions that won’t narrow down the space, but able to provide maximum space. You can consider between rolling shelves and pull-out cabinets.

Open cabinets

remodeling a galley kitchen

Although galley kitchen is a nice kitchen layout for narrow space, the atmosphere of tight space isn’t easy to disappear. There are many ways to add the illusion of width such as open the cabinets. In this matter, you need to remove the doors or install new doors such as decorative metal or glass panels.

Smash the wall

remodeling a galley kitchen

Remodeling a galley kitchen becomes easier if you dare to apply a crazy idea. Smash one wall to make a pass-through to the next room if possible.

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