Bright Colors for Kitchen

Color gives strong statement to kitchen design. It makes the room appear larger or smaller, create different atmospheres. Be careful when choosing a color, kitchen contain items that break the main color. Before picking a color for walls, there are many things need to be considered, include the appliances. The color of appliances must go well with the walls. Another thing you must consider is the cabinetry, if it looks drab, give a new coat of paint.

Here are popular colors for kitchen you can use!

New Yellow

best kitchen colors

Some homeowners use a pale Easter yellow to bring warmth to the kitchen. However, better use something else as alternative. If kitchen dominated by stainless steel appliances, consider a deeper yellow such as Spanish bloom or mustard. This color helps motivate homeowners in the morning.

Merlot Red

best kitchen colors

Don’t hesitate to use this color as many professionals recommend it. Merlot Red helps bring a modern and invigorating statement. It works well in a dark space or a sunny kitchen.


best kitchen colors

It is the best color you can use to add character and help bring out retro side. Some homeowners use a grass green color for a minty look. Green is a versatile color and can be used as a perfect accent color.


best kitchen colors

It’s a classic and timeless color, a nice choice to add a clean statement. Professional designers use white as a perfect background that works for any color. White not only can be used as a main color, it can be used as accent. Professional designers recommend white as it can add a clean statement. This versatile color is great choice for small kitchens and appears larger.

Eggshell Blue

best kitchen colors

Blue is a soothing color and reminds the sky, it can be used on a kitchen ceiling to add a height effect to the room. This color is very popular among contemporary kitchen and traditional kitchen. Blue is a great choice for a kitchen with little natural light.

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