6 Brands Listed on Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association

Cabinets have important role in a certain decor style. It’s not easy to find a perfect cabinet, there are a lot of brands offer their best products. If you live in North America, there are many manufacturers made high quality cabinets. As a consumer, you have to be accurate in selecting a product especially the ones fit your decor style.

kitchen cabinet manufacturers association

The best manufacturers must be listed into kitchen cabinet manufacturers association (KCMA), a non-profit trade association of cabinet manufacturers and suppliers in the North America. This association has a big influential advocate and a nationally-registered performance standard for cabinets since 1955.

If you are homeowner who wants to find all good references about cabinets, try visit KCMA official website. They have valuable information for architects, designers and manufacturers. This association also promotes responsible environment practices in the cabinets industry.

Here are some manufacturers listed in KCMA:

1. Do you ever know “All Wood Cabinetry”? It’s a name of brand and product too. They are famous for producing plywood-core kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Most products are built in classic and traditional styles. They are also the supplier for Costco cabinets.

2. Aran USA offers super high-end Italian kitchen cabinets from Aran World. If you are looking for high-end Italian kitchen cabinets, consider to choose Aran.

3. Artistic Cabinetry has a long story in producing contemporary, country and traditional cabinets. They have a lot of valuable experiences since 1975.

4. Canyon Creek Cabinet is famous for its affordable and custom products. They have a lot of experiences since operating in 1981 and bring a lot of products to satisfy all customers.

5. Everybody knows about IKEA, they are really famous as a large distributor of kitchen cabinets. IKEA tries to satisfy all customers by offering low-cost and high-style kitchen cabinets.

6. Kraftmaid is really famous as a big champ of kitchen cabinets. The products are easy to find in famous home improvement stores and department stores. However, this brand also offers semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

Those are some manufacturers listed on kitchen cabinet manufacturers association (KCMA). Before you buy or choose a cabinet, better to visit the website and learn everything!

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