The Best Way To Redo Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget

How to redo kitchen cabinets on a budget? It’s a common question that often difficult to answer. However, there are several things can be done by homeowners without drain the savings. What are they?

A new color

how to redo kitchen cabinets on a budget

A dull look of kitchen cabinet is caused by many factors and one of them is the color. A drab color will make cabinet appear unsightly. Avoid this matter by applying a coat of fresh paint. In this case, unhinge the doors beforehand! Prepare sandpaper to remove the old existing paint on the surface.  Be careful when painting the cabinet, avoid any bumps and make sure the surface is flat. After the paint is dry, install the doors and other hardware on their first positions.

New hardware

how to redo kitchen cabinets on a budget

Another simple idea is changing the hardware on the cabinets. Remove old hardware off the cabinets, but don’t throw them away. They can be sample or comparison for new hardware. Go to hardware store, but don’t forget to bring the old hardware. Find something that fit well with the current kitchen style. Install new hardware is easy as this activity can be taken as a DIY project.

New doors

how to redo kitchen cabinets on a budget

How to redo kitchen cabinets on a budget? Try removing the doors or installing new doors. Several companies produce cabinet doors in various options. The price depends on the material used, so homeowners will be easier adjusting based on budget they have. If your budget is very limited and unable to buy new doors, remove the doors as alternative to create a more open look. This trick is very useful for a small kitchen, since it makes the kitchen appear spacious.

Extra tips

Several certain cabinets have glass fronts, try removing the glass to present a new look to the cabinets. Frosted glass is a good choice for a contemporary kitchen or making adjustment based on the style of kitchen.

How to redo kitchen cabinets on a budget? All the answers are well-explained in this article. No need to do all the things above, simple makeover creates a big effect and won’t drain the savings.

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