The Best Tiny Kitchen Designs

There are many tiny kitchen designs can make small space look bigger. Homeowners often feel ashamed with their small, narrow kitchens. However, professional designers revealed secrets to overcome that problem and can run at any cost. So, what can homeowners do for their favorite cooking areas?

Paint the walls and ceilings

neutral color tiny kitchen designs

There are many cool colors that make the kitchen feel more spacious than it actually is, you may consider using light violet, blue and green to cover kitchen walls and ceilings. If a colorful kitchen is not your favorite, use neutral color such as white to brighten the room’s appearance.

Adequate lighting systems

lighting tiny kitchen designs

Having adequate lighting is another way to give the illusion of space. In this matter, most tiny kitchen designs have lots of light such as ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. The first choice is ambient lighting, usually installed on the ceilings and illuminate the entire kitchen space. Task lighting doesn’t only brighten up work areas, but adds depth to a tiny kitchen. The third choice is accent lighting to spotlight specific features such as backsplash or dishes collection in your glass cabinet. All these lighting systems will illuminate a tiny kitchen, making it feel more spacious.

Additional counter space

counterspace tiny kitchen designs

There are many ways to make the space more functional because tiny kitchens always lack adequate counter space. In this matter, you may consider adding a portable island. An island on wheels is easy to store when not needed. If a movable island is not the best answer, better purchasing a large cutting board to cover the sink for additional counter space.

Compact appliances

compact appliances tiny kitchen designs

Most tiny kitchen designs are dominated with the right appliances, you have to buy appliances that are efficient. Nowadays, many companies offer products with a touch of technology, appear slim, compact and double functions. Avoid placing appliances with one function only, choose appliances that meet your needs.

Clean look

clean look tiny kitchen designs

Removing clutter is the best way to make a tiny kitchen appear spacious. Buy several baskets to store important items and place them on the space above the cabinets. Spend money for customized organizers to separate the items in the drawers.

Most tiny kitchen designs have five factors above. Before starting your own project, consider your budget first. Do not worry, all ideas above won’t make you bankrupt.

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